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21st Concert – windfell

24 September 2022, The Old Hairdresser’s, Glasgow, 7pm, £5 on the door

Mira Benjamin (violin) performs James Weeks’ intimate and intense hour-long experimental composition, ‘windfell’

22nd Concert – Forbes/Leomo/Stone

17 December 2022, The Old Hairdresser’s, Glasgow, 7pm, £5 on the door

A fresh collaboration between three composer-performers: Gregor Forbes, Kevin Leomo and Sophie Stone

Past Concerts

20th Concert – ‘…and I play guitar’

28 March 2022, The Old Hairdresser’s, Glasgow, 7pm, £5 on the door

New and old compositions by Gregor Forbes, Michael Quell, Stefan Beyer, Luciano Berio and Tristan Murail

performed by Martin Steuber, guitars

19th Concert – Solo for Cello / Solo for Conductor
18 December 2021, The Old Hairdresser’s, Glasgow, 7pm, £5 on the door
19 December 2021, Fruitmarket Warehouse, Edinburgh, 2pm, free entry

Anton Lukoszevieze – Solo for Conductor (multimedia)

Jack Sheen – Solo for Cello (with video projection and electronics)  

Performed by Jack Sheen and Anton Lukoszevieze.

16th/17th/18th Concerts – GEMS Festival
1-3 November 2019, various venues across Glasgow

Friday 1 November – evening concert at St Andrews West
Saturday 2 November – afternoon concert at The Pipe Factory
Saturday 2 November – evening concert at The Project Cafe
Sunday 3 November – Experimental Music Workshop at The Project Cafe

15th Concert – Twilight in the Crypt
Thursday 26 September 2019, Glasgow Cathedral Crypt, Glasgow
Tickets in advance or on the door £10/£6

Hunter Coblentz – Lattice for 27 wine glasses in just intonation
Edwin Hillier – Dhatu for voices, percussion and electronics

Performed by:
Joe Richards and Jonathan Chapman (percussion)
Hunter Coblentz and Gregor Forbes (glasses)
Harim Oh, Filipa Portela and Alexandra Dinwiddie (voices)
Nicholas Moroz (electronics)

14th Concert – People, Sounds, Together
Saturday 9 February 2019, The Project Cafe, Glasgow
£5 on the door

Music by Samuel Vriezen, Lauren Redhead and Gregor Forbes alongside exciting new GEMS commissions by Patrick Shand and Jolon Dixon.

Matthew Giraldo Jansen (clarinet)
Rebecca Pericleous (violin)
Gregor Forbes (piano, synth)
Emi See (piano)
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SPECIAL EVENT – GEMS Composition Workshop
Sunday 10 February 2019, The Project Cafe, Glasgow
Free entry

13th Concert – Mysterious Encounters
Thursday 22 November 2018, The Old Hairdresser’s, Glasgow
£5 on the door

Frank Denyer – Whispers
Antoine Beuger – Place
Louis d’Heudieres – Laughter Studies 3
Cathy van Eck – groene ruis
Gregor Forbes/Neslihan Tepehan – Passing Piece

Video projections by Ewan Pierce
Performed by Gregor Forbes, Rebecca Pericleous and Filipa Portela

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12th Concert – Solids melt into air
Saturday 3 November 2018, The Project Cafe, Glasgow
£5 on the door

Hunter Coblentz – Trio
Patrick Shand – Quiet is the thought of you
Eva-Maria Houben – Exercises I
Lauren Redhead – Parergons
Edwin Hillier – Analogue
Gregor Forbes – At Cross-Purposes II

Emma Pantel (violin)
Justyna Jablonska (cello)
Gregor Forbes (piano)

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11th Concert – Artisans of Piano Music
Saturday 9 June 2018, The Project Cafe, Glasgow
£5 on the door

Lawrence Dunn – For piano (singing)
Hunter Coblentz – Quiet Music, Music for Piano
Henry McPherson – Book of Trees (excerpts) and Pathways
Alex Nikiporenko – Listening pieces
Emily Doolittle – glassy from ‘Minute Etudes Book 2’
Gregor Forbes – Commodity Music Analysed
Juta Pranulyte – F
Gregor Forbes – Piano Piece 20151 and 20152
Linda Catlin Smith – A Nocturne
Jürg Frey – Miniature in Five Parts

Glasgow Experimental Music Series presents ‘Artisans of Piano Music’, an intimate concert programme of uniquely crafted piano pieces by several highly individual composers:  from delicately formed curiosities by Lawrence Dunn, Alex Nikiporenko, Emily Doolittle and Gregor Forbes, to Juta Pranulyte’s intense process piece about concentration, acoustical perception, and failure.   Nestled between these are several pieces from Henry McPherson’s stunning and poetic Book of Trees and his recent graphic scores, and, to conclude, short compositions by Linda Catlin Smith and Jürg Frey.

Gregor Forbes (piano)

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10th Concert – Infinite Avenues
Saturday 2 June 2018, The Project Cafe, Glasgow
£5 on the door

Rory Comerford – Meditation no 1
Linda Catlin Smith – Bloom
Louis d’Heudieres – Laughter Studies 2
Christian Wolff – Exercise no 1
Peter Ablinger – Instrument and Voice
Eva-Maria Houben – the one – the other
Gregor Forbes – Infinite Avenues

Rory Comerford (guitar)
Gregor Forbes (piano, bongos)
Marija Rackauskaite (piccolo)

Composer-performers Rory Comerford and Gregor Forbes have been collaborators since the very first Glasgow Experimental Music Series performances in 2014-15 and are now joining again for this hugely varied programme of adventurous new compositions.   Opening with the second of Louis d’Heudieres’ radical audio-score series ‘Laughter Studies’, the concert goes on a fascinating journey through Comerford’s latest work, ‘Meditation no 2′, pieces by Christian Wolff, Peter Ablinger and Eva-Maria Houben, and finishes with the new trio redux version of Forbes’ ‘Infinite Avenues’.

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9th Concert – Cross / Bend / Canvases
Saturday 19 May 2018, The Pipe Factory, Glasgow
£8 / £5 for students on the door – additional donations very welcome

Juta Pranulyte – Cross
James Saunders – I tell you what to do
Juta Pranulyte – Bend
James Saunders – everybody do this
Gregor Forbes – Canvases

Glasgow Experimental Music Series returns to The Pipe Factory with a specially devised performance exploring the dynamics of group interaction and the limits of acoustical perception.

Presented as a continuous theatrical show, Cross / Bend / Canvases features vivid and extreme new process pieces by Juta Pranulyte, benchmark group decision-making pieces by James Saunders, and Gregor Forbes’ open-form cello concerto ‘Canvases’. This concert is the biggest in the Glasgow Experimental Music to date, featuring around 20 musicians and including four world premieres.

More than ever before, the heirarchical and collective aspects of music reflect the pressing need to speculate about our social and political identity as human beings. Cross / Bend / Canvases is a performance devised to witness such speculation rendered in the colours and intensity of sound.

Hanna Vigren (piccolo)
Fran Sanchez Diaz (clarinet)
Sophia Bosbach (horn)
Harry Gorski-Brown (violin)
Thaddeus Chung-Yu (viola)
Adam Hall (cello)
Olaya Garcia Alvarez (bass)
Josh Dunbar (percussion)
Daria Patroniak (violin)
Roo Geddes (violin)
Lāsma Ribule (violin)
Alasdair Morton-Teng (cello)
Darlene Zarabozo (cello)
Valerie Barr (accordion)
Zach Ronan (accordion)
Neil Sutcliffe (accordion)

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8th Concert – At Cross-Purposes: Music for Cello and Piano
24 March 2018, The Project Cafe, Glasgow

Laurence Crane – Jurgen Hip
Alex Nikiporenko – 86 Permutations of Melancholia
Tim Parkinson – untitled cello and piano
Eva-Maria Houben – nur ein klang (5)
Gregor Forbes – Terraces/Boulevards
Emily Doolittle – Utah, 1996
Gregor Forbes – At Cross-Purposes

Gregor Forbes with Filipa Portela (piano)
Adam Hall (cello)

After three years, Glasgow Experimental Music Series returns to The Project Cafe with a programme of fresh new music by local composers and friends, performed by adventurous Glasgow-based instrumentalists Adam Hall and Gregor Forbes. Come and hear the bright colours and simple forms of Laurence Crane’s ‘Jurgen Hip’; the serene mysteries of music by Alex Nikiporenko, Eva-Maria Houben and Tim Parkinson; the bird-song sonorities of Emily Doolittle’s ‘Utah 1996’ for solo cello; and the playful wit of compositions by Gregor Forbes.

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7th Concert – The Pipe Factory
3 December 2017, The Pipe Factory, Glasgow

Gregor Forbes – Autumn Melody with Leaves
Juta Pranulyte – Intus
Gregor Forbes – At Cross-Purposes
Isang Yun – Monolog
Toshiro Mayuzumi – Bunraku
Dai Fujikura – The Voice

Fran Sanchez Diaz (saxophone)
Jakob Gustafson (double bass)
Ronan Whittern (bassoon)
Adam Hall (cello)

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6th CONCERT – Chance Immersion: John Cage’s Music for Piano
17 November 2017, Ledger Recital Room, RCS, Glasgow

John Cage – Music for Piano
John Cage – Winter Music

Performed by Gregor Forbes and Keesia Maria Donahue

“I have found it a singular luxury to talk across the pond to a companion on the opposite side.” Henry David Thoreau, Walden.

An hour-long immersive concert-installation performance of John Cage’s Music for Piano – one of the most significant early scores of indeterminate music, in which sounds are based on imperfections on sheets of paper – interspersed with Cage’s stunning, austere Winter Music.

Playing on two pianos separated at each end of the Ledger Recital Room, and with the audience seated or slowly moving around in between, Keesia and Gregor will create an enveloping sonic experience of colliding tones and spacious silences.

5th Concert – Ryoanji
4 June 2016, Ledger Recital Room, RCS, Glasgow

John Cage – Three2
Christian Wolff – Pairs
Louis d’Heudieres – Laughter Studies 1
John Cage – Ryoanji

Gregor Forbes (piano)
Rory Comerford (electric guitar)
Sam Beagles (bass trombone)

4th Concert – Music of Things (paper, resonant / non-resonant objects, a piano)
11 December 2015, Ledger Recital Room, RCS, Glasgow

Alvin Lucier – Opera with Objects
James Saunders – with paper
James Saunders – any one part can replace any other part
Gregor Forbes – Piano Piece 2015(1) and Piano Piece 2015(2)
James Saunders – everybody do this
Laurence Crane – Come back to the old specimen cabinet John Vigani, John Vigani Part 1

Gregor Forbes (piano, paper, cup on brick, objects)
Rory Comerford (paper, bowed metal, objects)
Matilda Cubarsi (violin)
George Kypridemos (piano)
Sam Beagles (objects)
Juta Pranulyté (objects)
Robert Digney (clarinet)

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3rd Concert – Music of Trees and Leaves (and rivers, fountains, and Winter)
5 December 2015, Ledger Recital Room, RCS, Glasgow

Christian Wolff – For 1, 2, or 3 People
Robert Allan – Both Sides the Tweed
Earle Brown – December 1952
Gregor Forbes – About Fountains
Henry McPherson – Book of Trees
Gregor Forbes – Autumn Melody with Leaves

Gregor Forbes (piano)
Rory Comerford (electric guitar)
Sam Beagles (bass trombone)
Robert Allan (piano)
Sandra Scott (oboe)
David Walker (piano)
Henry McPherson (piano)
Fran Sanchez Diaz (saxophone)

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2nd Concert – Music of Wandelweiser
6 June 2015, The Project Café, Glasgow

Michael Pisaro – Fields Have Ears (4)
Antoine Beuger – one tone. rather short. very quiet

Gregor Forbes (objects, whistling)
Rory Comerford (objects, guitar)
Sam Beagles (bass trombone)
Mitali Saraf (piano)

1st Concert
December 2014, AGOS Studio, RCS

Compositions by Rory Comerford, Gregor Forbes, and Aran Browning.

Free improvisation by Gregor Forbes, Rory Comerford, Lisa Robertson, and Aidan Teplitsky