9th Concert

9th Concert – Cross / Bend / Canvases
Saturday 19 May 2018, The Pipe Factory, Glasgow
£8 / £5 for students on the door

Juta Pranulyte – Cross
James Saunders – I tell you what to do
Juta Pranulyte – Bend
James Saunders – everybody do this
Gregor Forbes – Canvases

Glasgow Experimental Music Series returns to The Pipe Factory with a specially devised performance exploring the dynamics of group interaction and the limits of acoustical perception.

Presented as a continuous theatrical show, Cross / Bend / Canvases features vivid and extreme new process pieces by Juta Pranulyte, benchmark group decision-making pieces by James Saunders, and Gregor Forbes’ open-form cello concerto ‘Canvases’. This concert is the biggest in the Glasgow Experimental Music to date, featuring around 20 musicians and including four world premieres.

More than ever before, the heirarchical and collective aspects of music reflect the pressing need to speculate about our social and political identity as human beings. Cross / Bend / Canvases is a performance devised to witness such speculation rendered in the colours and intensity of sound.

Hanna Vigren (piccolo)
Fran Sanchez Diaz (clarinet)
Sophia Bosbach (horn)
Harry Gorski-Brown (violin)
Thaddeus Chung-Yu (viola)
Adam Hall (cello)
Olaya Garcia Alvarez (bass)
Josh Dunbar (percussion)
Daria Patroniak (violin)
Roo Geddes (violin)
Lāsma Ribule (violin)
Alasdair Morton-Teng (cello)
Darlene Zarabozo (cello)
Valerie Barr (accordion)
Zach Ronan (accordion)
Neil Sutcliffe (accordion)


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